About me



My name is Julia and I am an entrepreneur working as a marketing consultant for organizations and a coach guiding you towards your ideal life. I am certified in Mindset Coaching, Neuro Energetic Wiring, Neuro Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques and a Hypnosis Practitioner. I have experience with releasing any unlimited beliefs or thoughts which are blocking you now from whatever you want to achieve in your life. I’ve supported people to overcome their fears and achieve who they really want to feel and be in life. I help you create your dream life.

01. Plan: Goalsetting To Actions

From feeling overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated with your current situation, let’s create a plan with a perfect route to make you feel satisfied with your (business) life again.

02. Strategic call: career

With a strong purpose and belief in contributing to a world where you can have your dream job, I help you with the ingredients to find your purpose and best work-life.

03. Strategic call: Business Profits

Understanding your needs and dreams as the entrepreneur you know you can be, I offer a place with room for both mind, soul, heart and business goals to let you thrive.

The Direction To Your Destination

Feel Free And Be Happy

Give space to whatever you’re facing today as a challenge and trust your intuiton. This signal is a gift. It’s your stepping stone in connecting the dots to the life of your dreams. Whether you want to change your career, start a business with ease, work on your money mindset and feel free and happy in life. 


Revenue Increase


Happy Clients

Your Business Consultants & Life Coach

Best of Both Worlds

Master of science


Marketing, Sales, Communication, Digital and Career mentor

International Certified


Mindset, Neuro Energetic Wiring & Encoding, EFT and Hypnosis coach


The Best Version Of You

Proven Method

Working with scientific proven tools and solutions for body and mind

Great place

Inspiring company with sustainability, safety and ethics in mind


Genuine and friendly atmosphere where it is all about you

Perfect timing

It is the perfect place for talent to learn and grow when you’re ready

Work-life balance

Experience a world of possibilities for work-life balance on your terms

Step by Step

Rome wasn’t built in a day, trust the process and enjoy the journey