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Become A Natural marketING pro, a digital native

Share your story to give a glimpse of who you are to new subscribers subscribers. Get creative. Ask your clients a “I want you to understand me” question. Create your catch up plan. Invite them in with videos that SHOWCASE YOU. Embrace social. Embrace content. Let your website convert and work for you. With scalable solutions.

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Become A Natural Content Creator Even When You’re A Natural Born Lazybutt

This is the aspiring content’s place to find your writing flow and avoid losing your mind. Helping you navigate the chaos of content planning and strategy. With this course you avoid pitfalls content creation. Real, proven advice, to help you get through content marketing without the stress and hassle.     

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Grab My 10 Sneaky Ways To Have More Drive 

How to beat procrastination on the way to working on your marketing. 

If you feel like you’re just doing a bit with your content and not going all the way,  

Do this course even if you don’t have the feeling you’re a natural marketing pro. 

Als je het gevoel hebt dat je maar wat aanrommelt op het gebied van content marketing, je zit soms met je handen in het haar zit en denkt ‘wat moet ik nu weer plaatsen’, je wilt je concurrent soms wel wat doen als die wel weer iets creatiefs plaatst en continue zichtbaar is, of wil je simpelweg het jaar ingaan met een te gekke content strategie om klanten te binden.

Na aanmelding ontvang je gelijk een Excel template met de meest bijzondere inhaak dagen van 2021. Hiermee kun jij aan de slag om de planning voor jouw bedrijf, dienst of product te maken. 

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Raise Your Profits With A Proven Creative Online Strategy 


Clients know TMG as a mediapartner, but nobody reached out or buys media campaigns out of the blue. Clients needed time to choose the right mediapartner for their branding campaigns in the right sport titles. Clients can choose of a huge media landscape in The Netherlands. However De Telegraaf as mediapartner of the KNVB and NOC*NSF had the ideal basis for them. How to position the brand as the go-to-mediapartner in The Netherlands?


Raising brand awareness for the brand TMG. Building a fly wheel of PR and interesting content. The brand became a magnet for clients. We doubled our numbers. The predictable, STEP-BY-STEP method for attracting a steady surge for perfectly targeted leads EVERY SINGLE DAY without the confusion, the tech overwhelm, or that ‘what the heck to I next”-frustration… All relevant media published data and insights about the initatial ‘Oranje Barometer’ and ‘Inhaak onderzoek’ among clients, made them proud of gave them additional recognition for their creative campaigns in the TMG media titels. Win-win. Also in the branding of TMG.



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“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Niels van Dijken, Business Analist